A family concern for 40 years

Celebrating 40 years

As the UK's leading independent supplier of horticultural displays, we take great pride in the fact that many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.

We recognise that as a family run business operating in a competitive environment, how important it is for us to give that bit extra.

Even in the early days Keith Rowlands and his boys were getting educated with the horticultural world!

Things have moved on since the early days when renting plants was a crazy idea to many people. We have installed in office, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, shopping centres, schools, you name it we have probably done it.

We were proud to celebrate 40 years back in 2015, celebrating getting this far and over hurdles along the way. Our services have increased with us and we are looking forward to the next 40 years.

We have now been settled at our new head office since 2009 and have recently taken on a 4 acre field, filling it with our show stopping trees. We have a showroom full of stunning containers and a green house full of plants

I wonder where the future will take us

Our people

We may not all be related but we certainly are like a family


Keith & Vivienne Rowlands

Keith set up the business in 1974, asking the bank for a £1,000 loan to set him on his way, this was refused, so he sold the family car and bought a van. He bought some plants, which he kept in the kitchen at home and went out renting his displays.

Within three years the same bank were his biggest customer.

Vivienne has always been his right hand woman and was often found by his side planting up the displays, whilst juggling two small boys. Vivienne has always been up there with her creative flare and makes the most magnificent of replica floral displays. Even now she is the best we have at putting together arrangements and outstanding replica Christmas displays.

  • Managing Director

    Richard Rowlands

    Richard joined the family company age 16 as an interior landscaper, going out to client’s office and watering their plants and has worked his way up the ladder.

    Richard works along side some highly influential interior designers and has helped create amazing finishing touches to many a restaurant and office with his wild ideas.

  • Sales Manager

    Jessica Rowlands

    Jessica has a background of office recruitment and had been doing that for a number of years before helping out in 2004 and has never looked back.

    Jessica has built up the sales of the business with new and loyal clients. Jessica has a lot of input into the social media world of I Want Plants and also designs in the showroom/shop.

  • Head of Interior Landscaping

    Penny Clemo

    Penny has been with the company over 20 years now, which I think makes her an honouree Rowlands member. Penny came to join the company being an interior landscaper and loved the job so much she decided to stay.

    She plays an important role with speaking to clients and sorting out the day-to-day tasks of the every changing diary.

  • Financial Controller

    Julie Moseley

    Julie is a much valued, member of the I Want Plants team, looking after everything and everyone in the office.

    Julie joined the company in 2005 and we are not sure how we would cope without her. Julie’s employment has always been in accounts and there is no figure or maths sum she can’t work out.

  • Operations Manager
    Ollie Brighton - Operations Manager

    Ollie Brighton

  • Exterior Designer & Customised Projects
    John Stephenson - Exterior Designer & Customised Projects

    John Stephenson

  • Exterior Project Manager
    Nick Ferriday - Exterior Project Manager

    Nick Ferriday