Instant Gardens

We recognise the impact beautiful tree’s can have on the landscape and the importance of quality specimens.

We trade with suppliers from all over Europe to ensure the very best in quality, variety and size. Specimens trees and instant hedges, which are not only decorative but functional and can be supplied and at any size up to 10m high.

Visit today and discuss your requirements and design specifications. Our show site has a unique range of mature specimens to excite and delight our clientele, and provides the perfect backdrop to our renovated 17th century barn.

Trees add beauty and enhance any outdoor area. We are lucky enough to have been involved in all sizes of jobs, experience recalled is therefore aiding in rapid solutions to any unplanned problems which sometimes sadly, do occur.

If you have issues with privacy and require an instant solution we can assist with blocking views from new developments and buildings.

Once you see what is available with our instant gardens with the ‘why wait?’ policy in mind you will be amazed what is possible with a fully mature garden in weeks.


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