A family
for 40 years

As the UK’s leading independent supplier of horticultural and biophilic displays, we take great pride in the fact many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years.

We recognise, as a family-run business operating in a competitive environment, how important it is to give that bit extra.

Even in the early days Keith Rowlands and his boys were getting educated with the horticultural world. Things have moved on since the early days when renting plants seemed a crazy idea to many people. And during our four decades we have installed schemes in offices, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, shopping malls and schools. You name it, we’ve done it.

I Want Plants couldn’t be more ‘biophilic’ and with every project we complete, we’re helping to make the environment we all live in a little greener.

Keith and Vivienne's young son Richard with beaming smile watching some old-school vehicle signage taking place.
Interior Plantscapes HQ originally based in Chester, having a spot of new double-glazing.
First company vehicle, fully branded. 'Plant design, sales, rental and maintenance' - a core business service which continues to this day.
Keith taking delivery of some freshly imported plants. Our fantastic working relationships with both Dutch and Italian suppliers are still going strong.
Our brand identity has evolved over the years, alongside our deep understanding and love of all things green.
Love at first sight! Never let it be said that we don't have vision at I Want Plants.
Old Interior Plantscapes Brochure
Today's bold branding and as somebody said to us recently, 'totally different, stands out and gives some insight that you do things differently.' He was spot on!
I Want Plants Directors, Richard and Jessica Rowlands

Our Home

In 2009 we moved our headquarters to a barn in the Cheshire countryside, complete with four-acre field.

Here at I Want Plants HQ, we're an Office Barn alongside a fully operational Nursery complete with poly-tunnels for our infant plants, trees and living walls and a carefully heat-regulated, greenhouse to keep our tropical plants happy. Our stunning showroom us full of our signature displays, both live and artificial, along with beautiful hand-crafted containers, while our field has been filled with show-stopping trees. The 'Store' is where we keep our bespoke installation materials and the 'Projects' building is where we turn our client's biophilic and flora dreams into reality. We were proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2015 and we cannot wait for the next 40, we wonder where it's going to take us...

Our Family

We may not all be related but we certainly are like a family

We have been selling plants now for over 40 years, Penny our head of interior landscaping has been with us for 30 of them. We now have a team of 32 staff, ranging from interior landscapers, green wall specialists, florists and eight full time office staff.



Managing Director

Richard joined the family company aged 16 as an interior landscaper. His first role was watering plants in our clients’ offices and his horticultural knowledge and expertise has been growing ever since.

Today, Richard works alongside some of the country’s most influential interior designers to create amazing Biophilic displays; with restaurants, bars and offices across the UK showcasing his wild and innovative ideas. Over the last two years, Richard has been developing our brand new and unique Living Wall product, HYVERT, culminating in it's launch at the beginning of March 2020.



Sales Director

Jessica had an established career in office recruitment before joining I Want Plants to help out in 2004. 'Helping out' in the early days meant that Jessica gained exposure to every area of the business from Procurement, Logistics and CRM to Planting Design schemes and a fast-track education into plant species, durability and health too! This wealth of knowledge has lead to her current role of Sales Director.

When it comes to Interior Design and 'green finishing touches', Jessica has a natural talent for 'what looks good' and after fifteen years, very little surprises her. Whether our clients have a theme in mind or are looking for inspiration, Jessica is more than happy to listen, look at drawing plans and offer biophilic solutions that fit both budget and brief.


Keith & Vivienne

Our Company founders, Mr & Mrs Rowlands Senior, (Keith and Vivienne) and original office dog, 'The General'.


Our Custom Installations Team

Meet our skilled Customer Installations specialists; Hyvert Living Wall Technicians, Live Planting scheme installers, Artificial blossom tree makers and Artificial plant/floral project scheme installers..... they're all here!


Plant Service Team

Our Plant care service team are horticultural specialists, each day is spent caring for our client's planting schemes, to keep them looking as beautiful and healthy as the day they were first installed.


Projects, Store and Nursery Team

Left to right, Helen is our floral installations genius, Craig makes sure IWP HQ stays organised and looking tiptop and Katie and Penny (Head of Interior Landscaping), ensure that our infant plants and newly imported plants from Europe are thriving in our poly-tunnels. They also oversee the early growth of our HYVERT living wall plants too.


The Office Team

Phone or email, happy to help and offer advice on all things biophilic. We're a friendly bunch!


Our Office Dogs

Introducing (left to right), Missy, Molly and Ruby our adorable Springer-Doodle office dogs. Height dictating both their ages and the pecking order... Ruby rules but Molly's the loudest and Missy is definitely the fastest!