Natural Air Filtration & Visual Appeal
Natural Air Filtration & Visual Appeal

HYVERT's beauty runs deep

Natural Air Filtration -

Climate Change, lowering carbon emissions, carbon offset, carbon footprint - we’ve all become very familiar with this terminology and another benefit that HYVERT can bring is helping in the quest for cleaner air.

Plants release oxygen into the atmosphere whilst absorbing carbon and nitrogen dioxides and other volatile organics, so whether HYVERT is instalIed internally or externally, it's improving the air quality and has the added benefit when installed internally (in a commercial setting), of making inhabitants more alert and productive.

Visual Appeal -

A beautiful focal point that once seen is rarely forgotten, instead leaving a lasting impression.

Every HYVERT living wall is unique in its design and natural colour palette selection meaning these leafy installations will enhance even the most mundane of spaces.

Mental Health & Noise Absorbers
Mental Health & Noise Absorbers

Scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve building acoustics

Mental Health -

There's an intrinsic link between nature and improved mental health and Biophilic design promotes this core ethos too.

Over recent years, numerous scientific studies have concluded that mental health is improved by close proximity to plants, even helping to combat stress and mental fatigue.

Noise Absorbers -

HYVERT Living walls will absorb sound instead of allowing it to bounce off a surface and reverberate louder.

This acoustic absorption works equally well either internally within an office or externally in an urban environment.

Boosting Biodiversity
Boosting Biodiversity

Cities don't just belong to us; we have an environmental responsibility to ensure they are a thriving home for all forms of life

The loss of species and natural habitats presents a very real threat to the planet. The survival of ecosystems are vital for our existence, and all the other living organisms we share the planet with.

The urban population in the UK is rapidly increasing and measures to reduce the loss of biodiversity are now critical.

Nature based solutions and green infrastructures are fundamental to addressing the balance; providing natural habitats, encouraging pollinators and reducing air pollution.

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