We’ve been doing our bit for the last 15 years to support the North of England Zoological Society (NEZS) the parent company of Chester Zoo.  The Zoological Society are committed to ensuring the well-being and protection of endangered wildlife and we are committed to helping them with their endeavours.

Any suitable live plants and trees that are returned to our nursery post project are donated to Chester Zoo. This goes some way to helping them restock enclosures and replicate the animals’ natural habitat.  So next time you are admiring Macaws in the aviary or spotting Jaguars in a a leafy enclosure think of us!

Trying to recreate the natural habitats of our animals and provide them with a home that they find comfortable yet enriching, is a challenge.  However, the plants that you have kindly donated, have gone a long way in helping us to achieve this and are already proving to be very popular with many of our rarest tropical birds.”

– Chester Zoo

The Tim Bacon Foundation is a charity that raises funds to support research projects and charities that offer support and services to anyone affected by cancer. The Tim Bacon Foundation was set up by Tim’s Business Partner Jeremy Roberts to continue his legacy and celebrate his life. 

 Tim was a pioneer of the hospitality industry who sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2016. He was one half of the business duo that founded the Living Ventures Group, if you live in the Northwest you will more than likely have imbibed or eaten in one of their restaurants and bars. We’ve been terribly proud to be greening up their hostelries.

Richard Rowlands our Managing Director knew Tim personally, which we think is what has impacted his decision to take part in The Abersoch Triple Crown this year. It’s not for the fainthearted: three races that combine times for the final Triple Crown time. A 10k race, a triathlon and a half marathon. At least there’s a beach bar at the end of the triathlon, we’re confident Richard will achieve a strong time in this event! 


When you’re working with plants, new project opportunities are never far away, so when a request to volunteer and donate our time and plants to a project on DIY SOS came in, we jumped at the invitation.  The whole experience was extremely rewarding for us, playing a part in the transformation of the property and garden area and seeing the sheer delight from the family at the finish.  An absolute pleasure to be involved and fab to meet the DIY SOS crew too.