Used plants donated to Chester Zoo

Posted — 20 December 2017

Feeding Time at the Zoo thanks to I Want Plants

People say Christmas is all about giving, this week we donated a van-load of exotic flora to Chester Zoo.

The plants, had all previously been part of office displays at firms around Manchester – including Bruntwood buildings – before being replaced. But now they will enjoy a second life in the zoo’s tropical houses.

Among the plants donated include Kentia Palms, Dracaenas, Ficus, Palms, Aglaonemas, Guzmania and Anthuriums.

Chester Zoo’s Gardens Team Manager, Christopher Ryan, added: “The plants donated by I Want Plants are used in the interior displays of the tropical realm, which house our free flight birds.

“The type of plant donated provide the same tropical feel we are trying to maintain in our habitats – to make them as similar as possible to these birds’ natural environments.”