Alpine Lodge in Manchester

Posted — 16 November 2016

We were asked by the San Carlo group to create an ‘alpine lodge’ for their new premises in Manchester, called Feast

What they did not tell us that it had to be designed, stock ordered and installed in three days. Not a problem I said

We made the vast windows smaller by closing up the bottom with a reclaimed wood, then continued the wood theme with covering the once purple tables and bars with the same wood.

The back wall started off the canopy of willow and replica birch foliage which continued over the whole restaurant and up some of the pillars.

To finish off the inside, we hung stunning wicker wreaths decorated with garlands, snow flocked Eucalptus, red berries and wooden decorations.

To complete the exterior look and make people wonder what was this new pop up venture we placed a garland with LED lights on around the top of the canopy area.

Not a bad job considering on the Tuesday morning we had none of the pieces in stock and by the end of Thursday, the job was done.