Visit our website or social media platforms and you won’t have to look far before you find an item or post championing the benefits of outdoor living walls.  

Over the years, our understanding of their needs and intricacies and most importantly, their global environmental appeal, have all grown massively.

In this Blog we’ll look at the benefits of installing a Living Green Wall or as we know them, HYVERT living walls.

(HYVERT is the name of our patented living green wall system and is the result of many years of hands-on experience in understanding what works best in vertical plant applications.)

I Want Plants HYVERT living wall technician

As the name of course suggests, a ‘living’ green wall is a ‘living thing’ so it will need regular nurturing and maintenance and should be viewed as an environmentally friendly, sustainable living investment which when cared for correctly will reap the following benefits:

Visual Appeal – Surface Value

Literally on the surface, the first benefit of a living wall is its stunning appearance; the addition of a natural green, vertical expanse within a built-up urban space, immediately evokes a heartening sense of being closer to nature.  

They’re also the ideal solution when traditional ground-planting is not an option or where natural vistas are some distance away.  This green related, ‘feel good’ factor creates a ripple effect on all who will experience it.

Leading to….

Improved Wellbeing – Feel-good Factor

Over recent years, numerous scientific studies have concluded that mental health is improved by having close proximity to plants and Green Infrastructure, even helping to combat stress and mental fatigue. 

Not only are there psychological benefits, there are also physical benefits too since plants/living walls release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

Which naturally provides….

Air Filtration – Cleaner AirAir Filtrations benefits of outdoor living walls

The kind of air pollution typically found in densely populated areas is usually an unfortunate side effect of increased transportation and industry. 

These invisible types of chemical pollutants are called Particulate Matter (PM) and repeated exposure to them is harmful to both the environment and human/other living organisms if they are not removed.

Thankfully trees and green infrastructure including living green walls are naturally, genetically equipped to combat such noxious gases and volatile organic pollutants.  

Which helps with….

Building Sustainability AccreditationsOutdoor Living Walls Blog by I Want Plants

Over recent years, there’s been global scientific recognition that while we are unable to reduce the current global net (human-caused) emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), we do have the power to halt their further escalation, if we are to meet a target of NetZero by 2050.

And within the built environment, planning authorities are legislating and stipulating new measures required to demonstrate a commitment to reaching these new sustainability targets eg. BREEAM.  

Outdoor Living Walls can help in this quest by improving a building’s energy efficiency thanks to improved building insulation and heat regulation emanating from it’s protective, green cloak-like coverage.  

And this is in addition to the social values and carbon sequestration benefits already mentioned.  

From Winter 2023, the UK is expecting a new government legislation to become mandatory and this will be known as Biodiversity Net Gains (BNG).

Put in very simple terms, BNG means there needs to be a 10% Biodiversity increase, spanning at least thirty years of the back of any new builds.  

This can be achieved via Nature Based Solutions such as a Green Infrastructure like an Outdoor Living Wall.

Which will mean….

Increased Biodiversity

HYVERT Outdoor Living Wall Blog by I Want Plants showing HYVERT

Outdoor living walls attract pollinators and provide a natural habitat, food and shelter for birds and insects.  Thus helping to keep our precious eco-system well balanced.

Living walls can even incorporate bird boxes and bug hotels too!

There’s an old proverb which says ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now’.

While Living Walls are no match for trees established over many years, thanks to their dense composition, versatility and the benefits mentioned above, living walls represent an excellent Nature Based Solution (NBS) alternative and will achieve instant environmental benefits to help safe-guard against climate change.