Now in its sixth year, today marks #CleanAirDay.

Coordinated by Global Action Plan, Clean Air Day aims to educate and improve understanding on how air pollution affects public health and poses a risk to the environment, 

There’s no quick solution to this problem.  Global Action Plan describes it as a ‘movement’, one where individuals and organisations collectively have the knowledge/power to facilitate new practices needed to reduce air pollution.  

Plants and trees can greatly improve air quality.  They are natural air filtration systems which release oxygen and sequester carbon along with nitrogen and sulphur oxides.  

Our HYVERT living wall remains under scientific analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University and our Scientific team lead by Joseph, has recently expanded with the addition of two new academics, Sarah and Will.  

We met with Joseph and Will last week as Will was preparing more leaf samples in readiness for further chemical analysis.

Our scientific goal is for HYVERT to have the ability to provide quantifiable information and data on how much it can achieve in filtering out noxious contaminants. – Cleaning air and tracking the science behind the beauty!

We will be announcing more quantifiable benefits too. 

Of course, the inclusion and protection of Green Infrastructure, is just one small element when it comes to achieving #CleanAir, visit to find out more about what you can do to improve air quality for the future.