Being a Commercial Nursery Operation, there’s never a shortage of industrial-sized bags of quality compost and soil, but where HYVERT is concerned the bar is raised even higher!

Not just quality soil, HYVERT’s earthy beginnings stem from an individually tailored, ‘professionally blended plant medium’.  

This blended plant medium (soil) possesses unique properties which will benefit HYVERT in its infancy growth stage and includes superior water retention whilst also being lightweight.  These properties will encourage plant growth in a vertical position complete with robust root structure and will stop the soil from becoming too compact.

And in keeping with the importance we place on a circular approach to the economy, HYVERT’s planting medium includes natural Coir (ground coconut husk) which also speeds up nutrient absorption by the plants, making it a perfect companion.

With so much importance placed on soil composition – before a single HYVERT shoot is even introduced, it’s no surprise how abundantly HYVERT living walls grow.

HYVERT Living Wall growth within poly tunnels