A recent project we completed at speed for All Work and Social and Allied London in Manchester:


All Work and Social lead the way in creating inspiring and exciting workspaces. Spaces that are focussed on addressing the work life balance and breathing life into buildings and repurposing them into truly versatile multifunctional spaces. 

BONDED WAREHOUSE is a building steeped in Northern history. Built in 1869, it’s a magnificent monolith of a building that was essentially a customs storage house or what we’d now understand as a duty free zone. A hundred years or so later it became part of the Granada Studios site and rehearsal space. (A Lovely nod to Coronation street remains in the new scheme: an original Ena Sharples Mural gracing the walls). Now the building plays an important part of the  “Enterprise City” cluster development: a new district in Manchester City centre building a  community of culturally aligned modern businesses.

The client was in need of some planting with scale for some fabulous and large French they’d curated for the refurbishment. The positioning of the planting would have been challenging for live plants, so we recommended our I Want Plants Replica plants. We will always tell you straight what the optimum and long term solution is for your design. Artificial plants at first mention don’t seem quite as appealing as the real McCoy but it’s all about the quality. We laid the client’s concerns to rest with a swift delivery of samples of the proposed replica planting. Our replica plants are sourced by Richard himself from the Far East so that we can deliver the highest quality product available. 


We move at pace at I Want Plants, that’s how we roll.

This project from order to installation, was completed in just 7 days. 

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