Manchester Metropolitan University

Our scientific research partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University has already achieved success and allowed us to identify which HYVERT plant species excel at the absorption of harmful gases (C02 and N02), which can reduce noise decibels within a set frequency range and which can retain the most rain water. This latest HYVERT installation will support further research into the boosting of biodiversity and rainwater reutilisation.

The introduction of Biodiversity Net Gains legislation in November 2023 will give the quantification of this element much greater significance and this new HYVERT location is ideally situated to conduct this next stage, biodiversity-driven research given it's close proximity to the 'Mancunian Way' city by-pass. We also met with Manchester's Finest Group Digital Media, to tell them all about it and you can read their published article here.


Type >> HYVERT Living Wall

Size >> 29 SQM

No. of Plants >> 2784

Species >> Carex Everest, Dryopteris Affinis Pinderi, Dryopteris Jurassic Gold, Hedera, Leucothoe, Pachysandra, Vinca, Vulgare

Designer >> I Want Plants - HYVERT

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