Bruntwood Union Building

Back to our roots

In the heart of the city’s corporate district, we went back to our roots to create one of our most stunning Office Plant schemes to date.

Bruntwood Union Building

All-important finishing touches

After undergoing a £5 million transformation to make it one of the most desirable workspaces in Manchester city centre, we were brought in to add those all-important finishing touches to Bruntwood’s Union scheme.

Bruntwood Union Building

Miniature Sansevieria and Sempervivum featured in 16 table top planters, while artificial succulents spilled from triple terrariums. In the kitchen we sourced chunky bowls and filled them with fragrant basil and mint plants. The workspace is awash with greenery, with mini croton plants, Chlorophytum and Monstera Deliciosa – more commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant – filling every corner.

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