Custom Installations

Artficially, Biophilically Beautiful

The title ‘Custom Installations’ we feel is the best way to collectively summarise the many projects we work on that solely feature artificial flowers and greenery.

‘Artificial/fake/replica’ these labels mean the same but when it comes to our products, what sets ours apart from other examples is their superior quality.

Custom Installations

Bespoke Service for Each Client

For over 40 years we’ve supplied everything in the name of Artificial Plants & Flowers from small table top plants and office planting schemes to stunning large-scale floral installations

Equally happy working with Interior Designers (on behalf of clients) or directly with our Clients to design a scheme for them. Our Artificial Green Walls are increasingly popular too, a great alternative for where our HYVERT living green walls are not an option.

Finally, we must give a special mention to our Tree-Making skills. ‘Custom made’ for every client, beautiful, memorable and unique.

Custom Installations

Fire Safety Criteria

Having already worked with Manchester International Airport and Selfridges Stores to install fire treated products, we understand how essential this public safety issue is and will do our utmost to help clients meet strict fire safety criteria.

We can offer a level of fire retardancy on all products used within our Custom Installations.

For the first option, we can supply and install an exclusive range of products which are inherently Fire Resistant meaning they are made fire resistant during the manufacturing process.

The second option entails I Want Plants technicians individually treating artificial foliage and flowers with a Passive Fire Protection product which meets BS & EN Industry Standards.

These two options mean that we can offer fire resistance on all our artificial products thus providing our clients with a greater variety of colour and texture to choose from for use in their bespoke installations.  

Vibrant and eye-catching


Fake it Till you make it

Artificial Plants & Flowers

From 5000 artificial rose heads on a ceiling in Mayfair to giant artificial palms in Manchester, we can supply it all.

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Tree Making

We can say with total confidence, 'Tree Making' is an art we have mastered beautifully.

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Artificial Green Walls

Built around any structure and to any size. We work across many business sectors including hospitality, construction and the childcare industries as well as working alongside interior designers and private clients.

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