Artificial Green Walls

The most talked about interior design trend

Green Walls are one of the most talked about interior design trends. But for some, installing a Living Green Wall is just not possible and this is where we can offer our fantastic alternative.

With no limit on size and maintenance measures to consider, they can be the perfect solution.

Artificial Green Walls

I Want Plants has long been leading the green wall revolution and the firm has now used their 40-plus years’ experience in the horticultural sector, to create a fake green wall system like no other.


Artificial Green Walls

Avoiding obviously artificial looking plants and instead, sourcing luscious leaves and preserved foliage to create stunning plant displays that are as individual as the people who commission them.

Artificial Green Walls

A variety of artificial Ferns and Grasses were used to create this fantastic wild and deep-textured green wall.

Artificial Green Walls

An artificial green wall creating the perfect backdrop for this meeting space.

This particular project blended both artificial and live planting schemes to great effect, read more here

No size limits,
environmental constraints
or maintenance worries

These cost-effective schemes are the perfect alternative to Living Green Walls.

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