Tree Making

We can create any tree, any size, anywhere

Size, foliage/flowers, colour scheme – all elements are unique to each client.

We have sourced and import the most amazing preserved wood.  It’s so attractive in it’s natural state, that not all clients want to dress it!

We have created free-standing blossom trees over 4m tall and wisteria tree’s that climb up walls and continue across the ceiling.


Tree Making

Our tree making takes us across the UK and can be found in bars, hotels and even ‘Britain’s Most Expensive Home’.

Hopping on a plane, to reach our client destination isn’t an issue either, we have the experience required to transport the materials successfully and can swiftly create a tree on site, always striving for minimum business disruption for our client.

Tree Making

When you think of San Carlo, you think of everything ‘gastronomically’ Italian, so it made total sense for their flag ship restaurant to have an enormous Lemon tree greet you as you walk through the doors.

Tree Making

Hundreds of pieces of willow and small rambling rose stems help create this stunning walk-through in Lost & Found, Leeds.

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