HYVERT Living Green Walls

Naturally and Biophilically Beautiful

Living Walls are everywhere; both internally and externally from corporate spaces to apartment buildings, restaurants and town centres.  The passion for them ever growing in fact, they have never been more important in helping to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions particularly in densely populated areas.  Not only do they look stunning, but they are scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote a sense of mental wellbeing.

HYVERT Living Green Walls


Manchester-based Living Wall specialists I Want Plants have been championing this trend for many years and have now created their own unique Living Wall system, which can be built around any structure and to any size.

Our fully automatic irrigation system ensures every area of the wall receives the perfect amount of water and plants are carefully selected to thrive in their new environment.

HYVERT Living Green Walls

Advanced Planning

Before any living wall can be installed, a full survey of the area will be carried out, as various external factors can affect the health of plants specimens used e.g. location, light levels and temperature.

Plants are carefully selected for their ability to thrive in their given environment.

At our nursery farm in Ashley Cheshire we nurture the plants to maturity to ensure that when they are planted into our living wall systems, they are healthy, strong plants which can continue to flourish.

HYVERT Living Green Walls

Continued Care

Once installed, our living wall technicians conduct regular inspections to ensure all plants remain in perfect leafy condition.

HYVERT Living Green Walls


HYVERT Vertical Green Walls

HYVE – Beehive structural reference to the hexagonal build of the product

VERT – In reference to the vertical aspect of the product

VERT – French word for ‘Green’, in reference to the nature of the product

After many years of experience of what works both structurally and horticulturally, in 2020 we’re proudly launching our brand new, (unique and patented), Living Green Wall system, ‘HYVERT’.

HYVERT can be built around any structure both internally and externally and to any size.

Preliminary client consultations, site inspections and planting design schemes will continue in the way that they always have, only now, plant specimens will be planted into our brand new HYVERT framework.

HYVERT  benefits from ‘Smart’ technology and a Wi-Fi enabled irrigation system that monitors every area of the wall, ensuring it receives the optimum quantity of water thus avoiding water wastage.

HYVERT’s patented honeycomb blades are also designed to encourage each plant’s roots to grow in a specific direction which avoids ‘root spiral’ and again ensuring optimum water absorption is achieved with no wastage or over-feeding.

HYVERT Vertical Green Walls are quite literally ‘Made in Manchester’!




Built around any structure
and to any size

Our Living Wall clients include Balfour Beatty, Bruntwood, The Hut Group and Living Ventures. We work across the hospitality, construction and childcare industries as well as alongside interior designers and private clients.

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